Monday, March 11, 2013

Mercantile March Antiquarian - Princess in Waiting

I made this double page spread using the JBS Mercantile March Antiquarian Kit (sold out). I was just so crazy about the botanical sheet we got - and it's doubled sided so be sure to make a copy of the side you don't use! I had wisteria on the back of mine. So that botanical sheet was the starting point for this design. I knew I didn't want to cut it up so in a sense I knew it was going to need to be a double in order to get both pictures and have room to play around with the goodies. See the white frame with gold trim? That's a copy of an old picture frame matte - I used that on two of my projects - great size, shape, and color with that. I tried to spread bits of the frame out all over to bring your eye around the page. I repeated my banner shape three times and tried to carry a small pop of bright green onto the very left of the left page to keep it pulled together.

I titled this Princess in Waiting because for one thing, it's so totally her right now - this is her dressing up in her pretend wedding dress, on her own, and asking me to take her picture :) Ah, she really knows how to make a scrapping mom happy. This is outside the front of our house so the stone pathway really made a nice background and she's barefoot. Not sure a pro could've done much better here and this was just impromptu!

This is a detail shot of the upper right hand side page. I wanted this gorgeous gold Greaseless Cream label to stand out so I used it all alone on grounded with a cigar band banner - doing something like that - centering a small thing in the upper middle of a page seems so classic to me, like beautiful stationery or something, I don't know :) Also, you can see a how I used one of Jenni's brand new punches - the label shape.

Thanks for tuning in today!

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