Saturday, December 1, 2012

JBS Mercantile December - Artisan Kit

Hey ladies! I would like to share one of my JBS Mercantile December layouts. This one was made with the Artisan Kit. I love this kit - it's got playful patterns mixed with elegant vintage stars and glitter alphas! And the embellishments are sweet too - decorative pins and fabric labels. I worked on this page and had a design I thought I was okay with and the more I looked at it, the more I felt I needed to make it more "special." This is a picture I really like of my grandma and Zane when she came to school with him for the morning for grandparents day. So the central design was on a cream sheet of cardstock all the way to the left with three sewn squares going down the right side with the stencil work inside two of them and journaling inside the middle one. It just wasn't right so I took a chance and cut out the pic/paper column and started putting it on other colors of cardstock. It was better but still not special. I happened to have a sheet of black Silhouette cut cardstock sitting there from a poster I had made for my son's birthday party. I sat the cut pic/patterned paper on that and it just worked! I took two of those paint stenciled squares and put them behind two of the letters and scattered a few more stars on the black. Then I journaled around the edge and when I ran out of room to say what I wanted to say, I journaled inside some of the letters. I'm glad I stuck it out with this one and kept working on it. I think the black alpha cut background really grounds the photo/patterned paper column, creates a great contrast, and makes it fun and funky!

Those stars are absolutely wonderful! I love them white just like they are. They are created so you can mist on them and have a resist design but they are so fresh just left white. You can see the pattern behind the R - that's the exclusive chevron stencil. I used thick white paint and then drew chevron lines with a gray maker between the lines. I used wire cutters to cut the pin head off and use it inside the stars. Thanks for stopping by!