Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mercantile July Sneak Layout!

Hello Scrappers! This is the page I made with the main kit only for July JBS Mercantile - since it's past the 25th, I get to share this one sneaky layout with you. And I must say, I do like this one a lot, a very lot :) You guessed it - I used my Silhouette to high heavens here. I took a rose cut and made it three sizes then rotated them to allow them to frame the page. That left me with a wide space in the middle and I decided to embrace the central design and go with a strip of the label paper right down the center. 

The main kit challenge this time is to use any kind of fasteners with your kit - functional as well as just to add for the sake of design. I used staples all the way down my label strip just to add a little something  fun there. I also spaced sets of two orange brads down the page. I originally had burnished silver brads and decided the tone on tone look was subtle and would work a little better with this page.

I placed white folded banners under each photo to ground them on the page. The banners hold the photos and connect them to the central label strip. I typed journaling strips, cut them into small banners, and layered them over the larger banners. Here you can see part of the exclusive July stamps! I stamped it directly onto the ribbon. 

Thanks for coming by. Reveal is Sat. night at midnight central time as the day rolls into the 1st of July! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Messy Grid Page and JBS Online Crop!

This is the last page I have to share from my June gallery at JBS Mercantile. I also made this for a grid challenge we had going as well as using stencils. (Great news, the exclusive JBS Mercantile stencils are back with the July kit!). I used a stencil from a past kit that had three designs on it in a 6 x 6 - it had honeycombs, dots, and stars (from the December kit). You can see where I used the entire stencil, how I used the inside to make the pattern and let my mist fall along the edge of the stencil to create a cream colored box around the main stencil design area, kind of creating a square of rectangles. So for my grid I have two squares (with rectangles inside) and then two long rectangles on the left.

I freehand cut these chevron shapes, the larger ones out of the Wren (Jenni's newest line) label paper and the smaller ones out of the mini pattern sheet from Wren as well. I stacked the small chevrons on white cardstock for just a tiny bit of extra dimension. I did some serious mist work on the doily background paper (Wren, again) with white mist and then splattered watered down acrylic paint in blue and splattered mist in aqua and red.

I really, really like the pleated paper from the kit. I cut a strip in half so I'd have more to layer. I watercolored and misted mine to make it shades of cranberry, red, and pink. The title is an Ali Edwards digital file that I cut with Silhouette.

AND . . . We're cropping this weekend at JBS Mercantile!!! Yes!

We've been sharing a few of the above mentioned guest designer's challenges on the blog this past few days. The JBS team will be listing their challenges throughout the day on the message board. We're going to be chatting tonight at 8 pm central if you can make it!

AND!!!!!! We will be choosing one grand prize winner from the crop to be an upcoming guest designer for JBS Mercantile!!! That part makes me so happy as that's how I got my foot in the door at JBS! I won the crop last April and was later invited to the team! So all I can say is that it's a wonderful opportunity!

My challenge is the opposite of Celeste's - which is to create a page where at least half the page is blank - the lower half. But my challenge is to create a page out of an entire photo or make sure the photo or photos take up at least half of the page. Here's two examples from me:

Thanks for coming by - I'm working on pages for the July kit - I had to start with Antiquarian - LOVE! And I hope to see you some time this weekend during the crop!

Friday, June 15, 2012

JBS Mercantile: Pirate Oath Page - Negative Challenge

Hey girls, this is another one of the pages I made using the June Mercantile Kit. It's made with the main kit and Artisan (Artisan is sold out). Here I've used Jenni's new KRAFT perforated and die cut paper! Oh yeah :) This is the kraft bank statement paper. I used the exclusive stamp on the left and cut it into a rectangle to fit into my linear design. I really and truly love the exclusive stamps. Those little stars were just soooooo much fun, I think I may have used them on every single page I made this time.

This is a shape I made in Silhouette that I call a quilt star. I duplicated my shape in a row of 4 across then I duplicated down in a column of 4. I duplicated a single star and made it smaller then moved it down into the square made between the larger stars. I duplicated that and manually spaced those out. I used the antique paper beneath my quilt stars - I thought that went so well with a pirate theme, it looks like part  of an old map or an old letter. I used my long reach stapler (bought at Office Depot) to add just a tiny bit of an extra simple detail and stapled in between each star. The buttons are from my stash.

When I was making this page I had it in mind for Amanda Jones' challenge blog and the upcoming challenge is to use negatives - whatever that means to you. Several of the JBS girls are participating in Amanda's challenges this month.

Here's my son getting all dressed up like a pirate at The Pirates League. They did that while Ava and I went to the princess tea party. Disney created The Pirates League to give the boys something to do like that since there are so many girl dress up venues and the Bibbety Bobbity Boo Boutique for girls. Kudos to them, great idea! So here he is taking his oath administered by the wench who fixed him up (and I say wench just to be funny and cause it goes better with the pirate theme than sylist, ha). I cut down the sides of these two little cards - the Blumers card and the curtain card in order to get them to fit in my horizontal design line. With the Blumers label I also cut out the middle so that I could get all my journaling to fit into that spot and allow the top an the bottom of the card to go above and below the line just to break it up. I used Jenni's blue ribbon punch to make the little banner shape below my gold button (which has an anchor on it, which is vintage, and which is from my stash). Zane was given a new name, William Yellowbellows, so I typed about that on the curtain card. I stained the wooden stars with mist.

I was kind of proud of this page because I pulled several things from the kit which was mainly red, cream, and blue, and created something that had a pirate feeling - pirate colors. I just thought the curtain was so perfect with the pirate thing, can't explain why, lol, it just is!

How about I finish this off with some recently from Ebay. Looks like I had good luck over the past month, eh? I particularly like the metal numbered cattle tags, the gold embroidered flower, the green ribbon, and more tags!

Look at these incredible tags!! Just look at the Who-o brand potatoes label shaped like a potato sack! And the Deer Lodge Creamery tag that's shaped like a cream can!

Thanks for hanging out for a few minutes today!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mercantile Vintage Mini Album

Here's a mini album I had the best time making for the June JBS Mercantile gallery updates. There were 29 --- yes 29 new projects added last night! Wow, I am so proud to be on the team with those ladies!
Anyhow, this was made by folding the horse envelope in half and using that as a base for a mini album. I covered the front with items from the main kit (still a handful left) and Antiquarian (sold out).

I thought this would be perfect for our upcoming trip to Massachusetts. We're going to Boston and I associate Boston with freedom and liberty (which is the kind of things we'll be going to see there along The Freedom Trail) so I thought this would be really great with all the red, cream, and blue and we'll then be going to Brimfield so this will be perfect in that regard too since it's got tons of vintage goodies in it! So I'm going to use this book for a few of my favorite photos and finds.

I sewed down the middle and also used masking tape and the red washi tape from the main kit to bind the book together. I cut several long rectangles for pages so that I could sew down the middle and sew them to the spine of the mini book. I opened the envelopes and included them by sewing along fold of the flap and the actual envelope pocket - very secure way to get those in there. I also took masking tape and reinforced the edges all the way around the Farber's glassine bag because it's kind of delicate and I wanted to prevent any possible tearing.

On the top photo here you can see how the flap of the envelope is peeking out here, I love that little detail. I also used my custom embosser on a few of the pages.

I used the Mercantile Exclusive stamp on the back of the small brown envelope and taped it in from the other side with tape. It's just such a beautiful mixture of products ---- thank you Jenni - these kits are just incredible!

Here you can see it all fanned out on the top photo. The second photo shows how the mini book is finished around the back. I used buttons from Artisan as my closure mechanism although it doesn't really need one, I just like the way it finishes it off and allows me to use seam binding on the front.
In order to get the seam binding to be able to wind around the buttons I had to put smaller buttons hidden under my decorative buttons. Nothing was adhered with glue, all with twine, so it's very sturdy. I poked the holes then from the back I ran the twine up through the smaller button (that is hidden from view), then through the top button and back down to the back. I also added a small gray mother of pearl button  inside the cover so that when I pulled the twine very tightly the back mother of pearl button would prevent the paper from tearing through. So I ran both twine ends through those two button holes and tied a knot on that gray button. If anyone wants more clarification on that I can post a photo (not a very good one, lol, I tried, but still, it might help).

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you are tempted to check out the kits if you haven't yet or check out the other 28 new projects in the gallery!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Great & Grand" Circle Grid Layout

I shared this about a week ago on the Mercantile Blog but I wanted to share it on my blog too! I made this using the JBS Mercantile Exclusive Medallion Stamp, which is one of my very favorite JBS stamps. It can be cut apart to make a circle border or to cut the central flower out and it's just the perfect size, measuring three inches in diameter. On the layout I'm sharing with you today, I stamped it on top of small, pastel doilies. It goes perfectly with doilies I must say! I love it! I think part of it is the texture pattern inside the stamp works so well with the texture on the border of the doily. 

I used a 3 1/2" circle punch on several patterns of JBS Magpie Collection paper and arranged them in a grid with the stamped doilies. I added my photos then layered smaller circles of stickers, metal rimmed tags, and circle and seal punches.

I used photos I had on hand, already printed, so I tried to make them work into the grid sized as they were. I let the larger photo (4x6) take up almost two circles and centered the two smaller photos (4x3, 2 1/8 x 2 7/8) on a single circle. I like that with everything being the same in terms of the circles that I've got the variation in photo sizes - worked out well I think. Finally I typed my journaling on the computer in landscape, printed it out, and ran it down the length of the sides of the pages.

This is an easy design, simple to re-create (use your die cutting machine for the circles if you don't have a super giga circle punch), and oh so much fun to embellish all those circles! 

Supplies (linked, will highlight when rolled over):
Hodge Podge Stickers: PlayfulSouvenir
Magpie Paper Collection: CollectComplieGatherNestStashMini Pattern Sheet
Wren Paper Collection (available very soon!): Wheatgrass, Lace Curtain
Shadow Alpha Stickers: Orange/BlackVintage/Black
Other: pastel metal rimmed tags from Staples, pastel doilies
Pink polka dot vellum from the March JBS Mercantile Kit

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello June! JBS Mercantile Reveal!

Hey gals :) I just so loved the June kits and I am currently working on more things to share with you on the 10th for gallery updates. I love this one so much, I know I'm going to use it down to bits. I made this layout with the main kit, well, I thought it was main kit only but later realized the stars and little navy letters are from Artisan. But just take a gander at that exclusive stamp! You probably remember that from a while back when Jenni had it in the rub ons. Now we get it in a stamp! The mercantile stamps truly make my heart smile, lol. That's me and my man on Mother's Day. Can't believe I got a shot of us that I really like!

The quilt stars are something I made in Silhouette and the frames are also a Silhouette cut and it's for sale through them. I stamped the red image on photo paper - very vibrant results that way. That stamp is scrumptious.

This was made with Antiquarian and the main kit. Oh and the stars and the buttons from Artisan :) Got lots o'mixing this time. I had this photo of Zane walking out in front of Ava and I at Disney. Adam jumped out ahead of us and took this photo looking back. I though he was a goober when he took it but geez was I wrong, this is a nice photo. I liked all the space around it and when I printed it on 8.5 by 11 I thought how great it would be to use the entire photo as the base of the page. I wanted to make something that kind of flowed along along the top and the left and I knew that by stacking that super cool stamp I could achieve that goal. I used silver pigment ink and it stuck so well on  my glossy photo paper.

Then I scattered the vintage labels in a patchwork effect, added the title, and sprinked the stars for a bit of whimsy. You know how you feel when you make something you love? That's how I feel with this one. I love it. I was able to get exactly what was in my head onto paper - to get that feeling translated onto paper. I always line the back of my vintage pieces of paper with cardstock to give a bit of a buffer between the project. Not fool proof, no, but good enough for me and that's why I have this photo backed up in several locations and I'll probably have a plain one in his Project Life.

Here's the one I already shared with you but I want it here with the others for all of blog eternity. Plus I didn't share the detail shots so here they are:

Here are my darlings from 4 years ago. Does it kinda hurt you to look at photos of your kids when they were younger? It does me. I am so sentimental about the passage of time in childhood. I wish I could go back and hug them a few more times at that age.

So check out all the kits here. And check out the designer gallery here. I can tell you there are some truly gorgeous works of art in the gallery. Those ladies really knocked my socks off this month and I can't wait to see what else they do.