Friday, May 25, 2012

JBS Mercantile: 1 Sneaky June Layout & May Layouts

Today is the 25th so that means I can share a June JBS layout with you! Ladies, I have to tell you, well, let me start out by saying I've loved my Jenni kits for three years now. I've never got one I did not like. And many, many times I've received ones that just made me giddy. Remember the November 2011 kit with Jenni's Red/Black Extension 4 paper and the Antiquarian that had all those large silver foil leaves?? I still get a mental smile thinking of that one. I think that one is my all time fave. But . . . I think June is now tied with Nov. '11 in my JBS kit love rankings. I LOVE this kit and if it were not true I would not say that just because I am on the team! Seriously. But this kit, it's perfect. It's got red, white, blue, cream, kraft, navy, patterned neutrals, it's just perfect. I can't wait to share the rest with you at midnight central time on May 31st for the reveal.  So as you can see, this is my version of our American Flag with the June kits! I've used the main kit and Antiquarian and the pleated strip is from Artisan. The words "Stars" and "Stripes" are from a Silhouette cut. So far I've used those wooden Studio Calico stars on three layouts! And as you can see, there is brand new Jenni product in this kit from her new collection, Wren!

I also wanted to share my JBS Mercantile May 2012 layout with you now. I was gone to Disney World during reveal and I didn't get a blog post set up ahead of time. This one was shared on the JBS blog and the home page so you've probably already seen this one.  But this one makes me happy! I love the picture and I love the exclusive stamp and all the pastel embossing powders.

Finally this last layout is one I made for our main kit plus challenge which was to use sequins for your main kit. But I think I ended up adding stuff that wasn't for the main kit so I didn't really turn this in for the challenge, lol! I used a transparency and cut it into circles with the help of a circle punch (that didn't cut all the way through). I sewed most of the circle closed then poured in the sequins then sewed it closed. This is a little of this and a little of that about me right now. The journaling is under the photo. The cuts are Ali Edwards' digital files.

One last thing:
We're playing Rubix Cube at the Mercantile! The idea is to use a grid for the basis of your design and one JBS or Mercantile stamp. You can enter to win more than once but each entry must be a different size or configuration of grid. A $25.00 gift card will be awarded! The game ends on the night of June 3rd. Everyone loves a grid, come on and play! Isn't this the cutest icon that Betsy made!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back from Disney World! Part One

Oklahoma City Airport. I like this photo with their silhouettes and their little hands pressed up against the glass. About to start our adventure! This was all a brand new experience for them.
This is his reaction to the airplane taking off and us being up in the clouds. This was really his second time to be on an airplane but he didn't really remember this first time. Here he's saying, "This is so cool!" He said that over and over. I don't like flying. At all. I was afraid they might be scared too but they weren't. I reminded myself that they have no idea that plane's can crash so I just went along with him acting like it was the bestest thing ever. We planned stuff to keep them busy. The flight from OKC to Dallas was only like 40 min but the flight from Dallas to Orlando was a bit over two hours.
This is Ava getting her first view of the castle. It was a long trip for us from OKC to Dallas to Orlando then a 30-40 minute shuttle ride to Disney. One cool thing was that after we checked our bags at OKC, we never saw them again until they showed up in our hotel room. Disney took care of all that. I think that's a pretty sweet feature. So when we got there on a Saturday evening, the park was open until 1 am so we went over and got started right away!
One of my very very favorite things about Disney was the light show that is projected up on the castle each night before the fireworks. I've got some decent video I'm going to share as soon as I figure out why it's not loading. But man, it is so cool. The castle changes colors and they make it fade from one scene to the next and there's one point where they project the floating lanterns from Rapunzel onto the castle and the float up to the top. 
Here's the purple castle.
See what I mean? Isn't this so cool? I can't wait for you to see the video.
Just a night time shot. Ava was worn out at this point. We all were.
This is the character breakfast in 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian. I must tell you, the food at Disney is definitely mediocre. Have you been? Don't you think? This was a buffet breakfast and it was average in terms of food. But that's not really the main point, ya know, it's the characters (still good eats would be nice, lol). The cheesy hashbrowns were good and they had little Mickey Mouse shaped waffles. This was one of the better meals of the trip. Oh yeah, and their Tropical punch is good too.
We got there toward the end of the breakfast seating and we saw Alice walk out. They said she was just taking a break and she would be back. Ava asked and asked about Alice. I know Ava looks like she doesn't have drawers on, lol, but she does have on hot pink biker shorts :)
Not a perfect photo for sure but look at the look on her face. This was the twitter pated look on her face after she talked and hugged Alice. The Disney magic, yep, it's true. We also saw the Mad Hatter and he was great, very true to the character. All the characters looked and acted just likes the ones from the movies. Disney gets high points on that. I'll show some more character meals and the wicked stepsisters we my faves.
Outside the Grand Floridian. Day 1.
We took the ferry over to The Magic Kingdom. We usually took the monorail but it was under maintenance that morning and the ferry ride was nice. I'm glad we did that, worked out well.
Me and Avagator :)
This is just a shot of some of the buildings on Main Street. The attention to detail was so pretty and the colors. And they were cute on the inside too. I remember one was decorated like an old fashioned candy store with black and white and pastels with big candy balls and what looked like swirled cotton candy in the tops of the candy displays.
Main Street City Hall. I thought the arched detail was so pretty over the french doors. But I really think Liberty Square was even prettier - pics coming of that in the next post.
Ava in front of the castle, obviously. Zane was not in a picture taking mood. He was in a hurry to get started on the rides. They wanted to go in the castle but you can't as you probably know - just walk thorugh. There are two restaurants in there though - we ate in one on the second story. I'll share that soon too.

Okay, I'm shared out for tonight! Thanks for looking at the pics. My faves are yet to come.