Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Using JBS Silhouette Cuts As Stencils

LOL, if you saw this yesterday morning, I accidentally posted it too early and realized it after it had been up about an hour :) So here it is again today. This is what I've got up on the JBS Inspiration Blog today.

Today I wanted to share a few cards and tags I made using the new JBS Silhouette cuts as stencils. I used the butterfly, that I obviously can't get enough of, the seal, the damask, and the lady silhouette. What I really love about these projects is that I mixed in modeling paste and glossy gel with India Ink for dimension and to get clean coverage with the home made stencils.

Love this photo. You can see how gorgeously this damask works as a stencil, especially with the modeling paste. And the paper just barely bended - not much at all! And it's flexible-ish, not crackly so you don't have to worry about it flaking off. There's a few more details about this on the Inspiration Blog.

Here you can see how crisp of an image you can get with the super detailed butterfly. I mixed the color with the palette knife right on the card to it didn't blend too well. I splattered watered down acrylic paint in hot pink and neon after it was done.

I've got detailed Silhouette instructions on how to make the multi seal card on my blog post at the JBS Inspiration Blog today as well as a construction photo and an additional supply list and info on the process if you'd like to read more. I was so proud of myself for learning how to do a screen shot for Silhouette! 

I used this new pink and yellow glittered tulle on two of the cards. I scrunched up a piece of the pink and stapled it for the lady's hair bow. I used a strip of the yellow on the butterfly tag and a circle of it on the seal card. I thought these were so so pretty. The tulle and glitter is so fine and delicate. It just reminds me of vintage, even the colors look vintage to me. This is new at Michael's in the ribbon isle - Celebrate It, Occasions is what it says on the top. There were a few more colors as well. 

Thanks for stopping by today! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ava's Fourth Birthday Pictures

Do-do-do-do-do-Dora! Dora, Dora the explorer! Ava, that super cool exploradora! Ha! Ava chose Dora for the theme of her party (Her 2nd party with friends and extended family.  We had a little cake and just us four on her actual birth day that I posted previously). I did what she asked. If it had been up to me it would have been faeries, or rainbows, or butterflies, but she wanted Dora so that's what we did. Good call, Ava! It really turned out so festive. Here's my girl and her cake. The cake is from Homeland - one of our grocery stores. I think they do such a nice job. The only thing - I was not expecting brown icing. The lady asked me what flavor of icing I wanted and I said I was confused - that the icing was supposed to be colored and she indicated to me that she meant the icing between the layers so I said chocolate. But, I loved it! It's not a color I would have chosen but I ended up really liking it because it's unlike anything she's had so far (well, that is only three years of cakes, ha! - But they've all been pink so far).  I love the focus on this photo - with the camera focused in on her cake and her softer in the background. Adam took a pic like that her first b-day and we've done one like it ever since.

She's just so adorable here. She had her little Dora birthday badge and she was messing with one of the little blows outs before the guests arrived. It was my grandparents, Adam's parents, Adam's brother, and two of her little friend's from school and their moms. Oh and I tied tulle around the back of each chair. Her birthday was in March but I put the party off until April so we would have the new play set to do as the main activity. Yep, wouldn't you know it, rained out - too muddy to go outside. I had to improvise a little, kinda freaked me out, I admit I was stressin'. We went to Michael's and she was drawn to the beads they have out right now near the summer stuff down the middle aisle. I figured if she loved that, so would the girls. So we had over sized Dora coloring sheets with felt stickers and glitter glue and then we made the bracelets. I also had a game planned and a pinata (the kind they all get a string to pull since we couldn't go outside) but they didn't even get to it cause they were having so much fun doing the other things then they wanted to go to Ava's room to play. It's cute how kids always want to see other kids' rooms.

Oh yes, the Flarp noise putty went over well as well as those big balloons that have the rubber handle that you bob back and forth on your hand.

I had beads that were large enough for them to string and I had stretchy cord and also pipe cleaners for them to string them on. Cracked me up how Ava got the singing pretend teapot out and set out play teacups on the craft table and they like instinctively poured and passed the teapot as they worked. I had a little table set up with a purple tablecloth with little kid chairs and a few adult chairs - awww, Martha Stewart moment, lol. You can see in the background that Zane was captivated by Angry Birds and was really good for the entire party. He and his grandpa hung out on the couch during the girly stuff. Adam's mom helped me quite a bit in this department. 

He was t'd off he had to wear a "church" shirt and that it had a horse logo on it. He was appeased that I had bought him an Angry Birds balloon when I got Ava's Dora balloons. 

I used a hot pink table cloth from the party store but then I ran part of  roll of multi colored glitter gift wrap paper down the center of the table. Ava loved that paper and said, "I knew you were going to use this, Mom!" Can you see the fork stabbed into the side of the cake and a hunk taken out? Yeah, Ava did that before we could even get the candles lit. I had little sandwiches, a fruit tray, and a cheese tray, chips, salsa, guacamole, and homemade fruit punch. 

Ava's blowing her candles out - you don't need me to tell you that but this photo need a caption in order for my post to look right - bwahahah!! There's Grandma in the back trying to get a good pic. She has the hardest time with pictures. I guarantee you that photo probably stinks.

Okay, this sequence of photos totally cracks me up. I asked them to come over and take one good shot where the lighting was good. They did. Then I said, "Okay, smile this time, Ava." Many times Ava fake laughs in order to smile for photos. She's really been hamming it up lately for the camera. So she starts fake laughing and the little girl in the middle looks at her and gets in on the action, then they all get to laughing and posing. So cute. The little girl on the left has the same expression on her face the entire way until the last. We have enough princess crowns and shoes for an entire herd of little girls. Oh, man, being Ava's mom is a blast.  You can see the cute little party favor bags I got at Michael's in the background there on the table. They each had a necklace and washi tape :) with some other little stuff.

The kids and their Grandee (that's what she requested to be called, kinda fits her personality) - Adam's mom. I want this one in here for Zane to see in case he's ever looking over this blog some day. Funny thought I guess but this is probably the first photo I even have of her on the blog so I think it's a special one. I'm kind of seeing this post as an online scrapbook entry for them.

This sequence is about Grandee getting Ava a "wedding dress." A few months ago Ava was at my grandma's house and saw my wedding dress hanging in the closet. She was totally and completely enamored with that dress to the point that Grandma finally got it down and let her try it on (ahem, I mean stand in it, lol). She talked and talked about my dress and that it was mine and that I wore it to marry Daddy and how she was going to wear a dress like that some day (so I finally brought it home after all these years). So Grandee got her her own wedding dress to play in. I'm sure it was a flower girl dress but with the little headpiece it really did look like a little wedding dress. She loved it. She said I can dress up and marry my prince. Then she wanted her Daddy to play wedding with her and that's the last photo here. It was the sweetest thing. 

She is such a tender hearted girl. Maybe even too sweet and tender sometimes if that's possible? She's been letting a girl (who she really likes) at school boss her around to the point that the teacher told me about it at her conference. I want her to be kind and loving just as she is but I also want her to learn how to nicely but firmly stand up for herself and say, "It's my turn now." She's afraid the girl won't like it if she stands up for herself. Well anyway, she's just wonderful, a blessing every single day, I love her so much, and now she's four years old and as much as I love these photos and what a happy day it was for her,  they sorta break my heart - do you know what I mean? It's like they're so precious but you just can't hold on to them, you can, but you can't  - they grow so fast. It's precious time, for sure. This tiny little face will turn in to a big girl's face, then a young lady's face, then a mom's face and wouldn't it be so wonderful if I lived long enough to see it turn into a grandma's face - to see her through it all. I hope and pray she has a happy life.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Mercantile: Gallery Updates, Pages and Project Life

Yes, ma'am, I brung it for the second half (ha, so wrong, I know). I've got four new projects to share with you tonight! First up is my two pager! I don't do these often even though I like them - love getting all those large photos spread across a page and having room to play as well. I always wonder why I don't do two pagers more. So here I have 5 4x6 photos.   I wrote an article to go along with this one for the April JBS Mercantile Gazette so you might check that out if you are so inclined :) There will be lots more good stuff in that!

This is a page for my daughter about how her brother was so nice to her on her 4th birthday and how he helped her and was happy to take pictures with her and made sure to take the opportunity to act silly and teach her some funny faces. The photo of her looking at his tongue cracks me up. This was made with the main kit and Antiquarian. The main kit has sold out and there might be just a few of Antiquarian left. I'm very happy with this one.

Oh yes! And I must tell you that here I used the new JBS Butterfly cut from Silhouette! I also layered one of the cuts with the stamp. The butterfly cuts best at at least 4 1/2" tall - it needs to be a little bigger with the fine detail. And since I wanted to layer a smaller butterfly on there I chose to use the stamp for that. We also have digital JBS and you can size the butterfly how ever large or small you like and print it in whatever color you like and cut it out - just to give you another option on how to create with the butterfly. So you have three ways to use the butterfly: with the stamp, with Silhouette, and with digital - you have no excuse not to use it, now! Lol, I'm joking with you.

Next up: the 100 year old kid! This was made with the main kit and Artisan (Artisan is also sold out). 100 was cut with Silhouette. I cut apart the diagonal stripes paper and put it back together where the stripes ran together to make a chevron look. I like this one, it kind of simple . . a little. THe circle borders add a lot here, I think. I blogged this a few weeks back. This was what my son looked like when he dressed up for 100 Day at school.

So this is what my Project Life looks like (created with Artisan). This is my son's layout for March. I'm doing it by month rather than week so how ever much I feel like doing, I can do. I'll have this double page that is the opening for March then there's enough content for one more double page layout for March on the next two pages then I'll move into April. My daughter gets the same thing. So I'm not doing it by week which cuts down on the work to me but I am doing it for two different kids so that brings the work level back up again. His week focuses on him with little bits of the rest of us and and hers focuses on her, obviously, you get the idea. The title is cut with Silhouette and is Prophecy Script font. I typed it then offset it ever so slightly to get the word thick enough to cut well.

I like to mix Design A and Design D of Becky's PL page protectors. I take my photos in both landscape and portrait and I don't want the protectors dictating to me which photos I can and can't use so I prefer a mix of those two designs.  And I think it looks great like this. Two of my portrait 4 x 6's were split in half. I think the second one is pretty cool (detail shot below). The A sticker is on the outside of the protector. I like to use both border and non border pictures mixed on the same pages. I've also mixed typewriter journaling and hand written journaling. I really want the Project Life to focus on photos and stories and the embellishment to take a back seat. I like the photos to take up their entire pocket. And the typewriter journaling is the perfect way to tell a longer story in a smaller space.

I knew as soon as I got the Artisan add on kit that I wanted to use it for March Project Life because of the American Crafts journaling cards. They are sized perfectly.

My grandparents happened to come the day we got the new play set. My grandpa is 77 and has diabetes and it's getting very difficult for him to get around. But he and my grandma got down in the play set and sat on the little picnic table and let the kids pretend to serve them through the lemonade window. Pa said he was afraid he might not be able to get out and got a good laugh out of that (so funny when he gets to laughing and can't stop then I laugh and can't stop and we go on and on). We ordered take out and I brought it out to them and they ate there on that little picnic table with the kids. When it was time to get up, poor old Pa really and truly got stuck and it freaked him out a little and he froze kind of and wouldn't let loose and fall back into Adam's arms. I have no idea why that story stays with me so. I guess it just reminds me how much they love my kids that they come all the way up here then get down into the playhouse and then it hits home how old they are getting and how their health, while not getting bad, they just aren't capable of doing what they wish they could do and what I wish they were able to still do. And it reminds me all the time to cherish my times with them. They are wonderful people. I've told you before that they raised me.

Geez, you're still here, I haven't ran you off yet with my rambling? Well, thanks for hanging in there, lol. Last share. This is a page about how my son is starting to mature and make good choices more often than not. He has received green on his behavior chart 11 days in a row (kindergarten). And she's being more picky about the greens toward the end of the year. I left the tag paper pretty much in tact and just journaled and embellished on it was it was. I love the color scheme here. I love the transparency on navy and I love the bold pattern mixage. And I swear I did not dress my son to match my pillow!

And I thought what I did with the star was pretty cute. Now, I'm sure I did not invent that, lol, no way, but I haven't seen it done recently and I just thought it was a cute detail. I just cut a strip of paper and folded it into a star, simple as that. Little yellow tag from Staples. Little star is a vintage stamp from my stash. And now I'm tired of hearing myself talk! So see ya nex time! (will spell check this puppy tomorrow!)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Mercantile: Disney Album Start & Large Photo Layout

Hey ladies! The JBS Mercantile Kits are for sale! You can still purchase add ons to go with your main kit until the 5th. Doris said add ons were in single digits right now if you're interested!

So I made this mini album for our upcoming Disney vacation using the current mini album kit with a few bits from Artisan (the label paper)(Artisan has sold out now) and the chevron stamp from the main kit. I left large open space for pictures and journaling. I'll journal in it each day and leave a space to add a picture when we get back. I did that for a mini I made when we went to Hawaii and it worked out really, really well! I designed the title and cut it with Silhouette (an electronic die cutting machine for those of you who may not know) and used one of our new JBS shapes for Silhouette - called Whimsy Silhouette :)

If you like how I did the title work, here's a bit about how I did it. I used Bebas font and typed out the first phrase to a width I thought would work well for the book,  2.5" wide x 3"inches tall over all. Each new part of the phrase is typed as a new type line. Don't type it as all one phrase. Break it up so you are able to manipulate each line of text. "When You Wish" then "Upon A Star" is two different text lines. You will select the second line of text and pull it to the same width as the first and place it directly under the first. Disney, World, and 2012 are also seperate text lines. With all three of those words I ungrouped the word and moved each letter closer together then grouped each word back together. Place those words under the others and pull them out to the same width so you end up with that Subway Art kind of look with that even text block of varying widths of words that line up. Then I grouped it all together and placed it on a Silhouette label shape then grouped that all together again so I could cut it in a few sizes to see what would work best. So the cream is the top cut and the black is just the cardstock backing. I did it that way because I did not want to mess around with trying to get all those words lined back up on my paper - this way it's perfect. I saved the cream middles of the larger letters and glued them onto the black cardstock and didn't mess with the middles of the smaller letters - too much hassle and I like the way it looks like it is anyway.

And if you like this and want to create something similar, I wanted to mention to only make your brads go through the title-cut cardstock and then adhere that to your mini cover so you don't see brads coming out the back side of the cover page. You probably would've thought of that but I just wanted to share in case you are new to mini albums.

This mini kit was designed by Lisa Dickinson and I just really loved working with it. Lisa created her mini with a more abstract travel theme callled, "The Places You'll Go," and I did a literal travel theme. It's all good! This is the front side of the pages. It's hard to see but I used the sewing machine on most pages in yellow, red, and aqua thread. I didn't care about the back of the thread showing through on the other side of the page. I like the way the thread looks from the back as well, creates extra texture, and gives grounding spots for photos or memorabilia. You can see what I'm talking about on the gray map page above. The red zig zag is the back thread from another page. That little row of red is a perfect spot to ground a little photo or run about three lines of journaling on top of it with a white pen.

And these are the back sides of each page. 

So this is my current favorite family photograph and I got it by setting my camera on the back of the chaise lounge with the lens propped just so with one of the kids' toys and I broke one of my rules and used the flash (and have since decided to abandon the no flash rule) and was able to get this great photo! I really like how the Crate Paper patterned tag paper was able to bring the strange color and pattern combo in the photo, it was able to bring it all together. I left the tag paper just as it was on the sheet, ran it through the typewriter, sewed a bit on the photo, layered some manilla tags, and that was it. The photo is printed on Epson Scrapbook Photo Paper Matte, which is kind of like cardstock, not photo paper, and the colors turned out so vibrant. I'm really pleased with that paper.

Here's the details. The grey and light blue reinforcement manilla tags are by Martha Stewart and can be found at Staples. The metal rimmed tag is from my stash and those can be found pretty much anywhere office supplies are sold and they are most likely by Avery.

Thanks for checking it out! See you soon because I've got lots more up my sleeve for JBS Mercantile gallery updates on the 10th!