Monday, November 28, 2011

Mercantile Cyber Monday Blog Hop Winner!

I hope you all had a fun Cyber Monday and found some sweet deals online! I noticed a bunch of the really cool one-of-a-kind finds flew out the door! Someone beat me to the red perpetual calender and the flour sack block, lol.

So, according to

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This is my winner:
guiderdi said...
Love your layout. And it looks like Jenni is going to have some great stuff in her store.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mercantile Cyber Monday & Blog Hop

Hey ladies! Jenni has some fabulous things planned for you on Monday. She's offering her first online class through the Mercantile called, "Home for the Holidays." You will love the project she has in store for you. For more info check it out HERE. Plus sales and blog hop prizes!

Also you might like to check out the new One-of-a-Kind finds section! This camera will be available for purchase tonight at midnight CENTRAL TIME (as the day rolls into Cyber Monday)along with the "Home for the Holidays" class kits. I've seen the rest of the stuff and let's just say I'm giving you a head start but then I'll be all over it! ; )

Now I would love to share a layout I made with the December Mercantile Kit. This was made using primarily the main kit and a few buttons from Artisan (twine from stash). This kit is loaded with kraft, yellow, and polka dots - it's delicious! There's just something about it - it's so different with all that lovely printed kraft! Kits go on sale to subscribers at 12:01 AM CST (meaning midnight)on the last day of the month, Nov. 30th. Non subbers can purchase Dec. 2.

So now for the Blog Hop/Prize part : ) Leave me a comment and I'll draw a winner for a $10.00 gift card to the Mercantile AND the "Home for the Holidays" lesson materials (video and downloadable PDFs - a $7.99 value - actual physical kit product not included). The blog hop will end at 8PM CST on Monday evening and I will draw a winner from my blog comments and post the winner here. Don't forget to leave your email addy. Also, if blogger is messing up please leave a comment using the anonymous choice and leave your name and email in the comment section.

Be sure to check out the rest of these lovely ladies' blogs for more chances to win:

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving & Stuff

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent it back in our hometown with my dad and grandparents. Then we all got together for dinner and leftovers. Oh yeah, the kids wanted to go back to my grandparents house and Adam and I stayed and took a nap all afternoon! A nap! Food and sleep . . totally blessed :) On Tuesday we had a Cooperation Feast at Kindergarten for Zane. I volunteered to decorate and ended up being roped into serving pie seconds to all the kids. You can see a pic of him and his teacher together. She's really wonderful, I am definitely thankful for her. She's structured and yet very fun and she keeps him in line and also keeps his attention and respect. What a blessing. The top photo is from his Ninja Turtle Birthday Party (mine's the one on the left). I had it early so it wouldn't conflict with Thansgivings and Black Friday weekend stuff. So he's not technically six yet.

And this:
My Pumpkin Cheesecake. It't got two layers of cheesecake flavor, a pecan/graham cracker/gingersnap crust, and caramel sauce drizzled over big oven roasted pecans. Yuuuuuuuuummmm.

What Zane is thankful for:
You can see how he's sounding out words and trying to spell them! Serious progress for us, ladies! Very happy about this. He's got all the letters down, except maybe one or two that he sometimes forgets (like you can see he made a D for a Y - gets Y wrong sometimes), we're getting almost all the letters sounds down and he's sounding words out! Yes!

Nothing crafty to share today but I hope to be able to share the base of my December Daily when we get back to the city.

Oh yes, I wanted to share the Halloween costumes.
 Power Ranger

I asked Ava what she was thankful for and she said Santa Claus and shoes.  ; ) 

Finally, what I am thankful for. I'm thankful my grandparents are still healthy as they approach senior senior status, I'm thankful my family is healthy, I'm thankful for Zane's teacher and Ava's teachers, that we never have to be hungry or cold or hot, that we have a comfortable home, that we have two cars, for the JBS Design Team, all the creative outlet it provides and the new friendships I've made, I'm thankful we can afford little extras in our life, I'm thankful for make-up and hair color, lol, I'm thankful for my husband who started his own business and takes wonderful care of our financial stuff, I'm thankful he's been my best friend since I was just a kid practically, thankful for how close Zane and I have been lately, thankful for Ava's sweet heart,  I'm thankful no one had to work today and we could all be together, I'm thankful for my two silly cats. Finally and most importantly I'm thankful for Jesus who provides for us and gives us our blessings and peace.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I love my daughter because . . .

This was a total, average, everyday kind of day. We were playing in the backyard. She was "busy" cooking in her playhouse. I can't remember if I went to get my iphone or she asked me to take pics. She asks me to take her picture alot. I think she asked me to. Just the other day she asked me and I took like 25 in a row, each time her changing her pose or expression just a bit. So she was running around and getting confused thinking I was videoing (is that a word?) her and I kept telling her to hold still if she wanted her pic taken. You can see the results. She's so sweet. I know you hear me say it all the time, but it's just so absolutely true that she makes me appreciate every single day and think about loving her as much as I can everyday. I love the last pic of us (even though my hair looks wicked) and I love that little die cut that gives the definition of a friend. I do think of her, and Zane too, as my little best friends. And I think she thinks of me as her best friend as well as her mama. Everyday I want to be her friend and play with her and make sure she knows how special she is. I don't want to waste a day of our special days together because before long my little friend will be at school full time. And slowly my little friend will become my big friend. 

I went to her parent/teacher conference for her mother's day out (she's three and goes two days a week until 2:30, not like a real conference but just kind of a little progress report) and her teacher went on and on about how sweet she is and is never a problem. She told me Ava likes to follow her around a be her shadow and give her hugs all day. I know how that goes :) She said the other day when Ava was the prayer leader she prayed and went on and on and after she ran out of things to say she started peeking and thanking God for each kid she saw. She said if she would've had a daughter that's the kind she would've liked to have. I just wanted to record that on my blog because it's such a part of who she is.

So finally, this is my contribution to the gallery updates at JBS Mercantile for November. This was made using the main kit and a few of the die cuts from the Artisan add on. I also used Jenni's new days of the weeks stamps with her Speckled Egg Paint Dabber. I love to use paint on rubber or acrylic stamp when the image doesn't have tiny details. I love the look of the paint kind of gathering on the edges of the image. The title block was cut with my Silhouette. After it was cut I realized the negative space block might be bolder and decided to go with that rather than the actual letters. I backed part of my phrase with black cardstock and part of it with some of the Speckled Egg paint on white cardstock to put just a hint of aqua onto the left side.

P.S. This layout was spotted and featured on One Story Down for Gallery Pretties. Cool!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

JBS Mercantile November Layouts

November kits are on sale at The Mercantile! Here's my layouts. I guess if I had to pick a fave from my gallery it would be this one. Or maybe the one with the new stamps. Hmm, lol, can't pick. I super loved this kit. So this was made using mostly the main kit and the silver leaves are from Antiquarian. I cut the large white scallops with my Silhouette. Red buttons from my stash. I misted just a little charcoal mist on the black patterned paper to soften it just a little for this layout.

This is my other favorite. I used Spellbinders dies to cut the frames. The little boy and girl silhouette stamps are exclusive to the kit. This was made using all the main kit except the white background paper is from the project kit last month because I wanted to use white but with just a hint of pattern. Journaling done vertically with a typewriter talking about the differences in their personalities.

This is a layout using mostly the main kit again but the die cuts are from Artisan. I love those letter stickers! The snowflake was created using Silhouette. This is about the snowstorm we experienced on my son's first birthday. We don't get lots of snow where I live so there was something kind of magical about that storm and celebrating his first year at the same time. Several of our friends and family got out and braved the weather to make it to our house . There were snow drifts piled up all the way around the house. Good memories : )

This was made using all three kits. And it was hard to photograph! Lots of cream, white, silver, clear - hard to get no reflections, not have the leaves look blown out, not have the white look too dull or too bright, ugh, you can tell I'm picky about that stuff. Anyway, my fave part about the layout is the combo of the silver leaves with clear buttons - just reminds me of winter and snow on hollies.

Well, I kinda like this one too ; ) This was made using mostly Antiquarian. I cut the family word with my Silhouette as well as the "flower" medallion. I used bakers twine and red burlap string stuff to bring a little more interest to the title work.

And finally, I have this layout. I was trying to do the clean white space thing. Not sure how I feel about me and that style. I can tell you after this was photographed it got changed, lol. Like with embroidery and scallop punch down the side. I am crazy about the medallion though. This was mostly from the project kit but the patterned paper for the medallion was from the main and the milk cap was from Antiquarian. And really, the photo does shine here and I like that a lot.

This was a simple project I made using old, little glass bottles I had displayed in a big bowl on my table. I thought the labels would be so cute on there and just easy and cute. The pic is kind of deceiving because you can't really tell how small they are but it would be easy to use some wire, like hot wire if you're from Okla., lol, and string them on a garland by wrapping wire around each bottle neck.

So that concludes my JBS Mercantile layouts for today. I hope to have a few more for galley updates on the 10th. Thanks for checking in!

Oh wait, one more. I love an overall shot of all the stuff I made with a kit. And you can see a little how that one layout was changed:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Silhouette & JBS Christmas Advent Calendar!

I was so very very excited to get the opportunity to work with Silhouette's new Advent Calendar Kit! When I got it in the mail I couldn't wait to get started! You get the wooden box and a download card with your purchase. And the box is nice and sturdy and crisp white! Love that. With the download card you get enough templates for boxes and/or drawers for your calendar. I chose to mix and match boxes and drawers because some of those boxes were just too cute and I like the variation. You also get the shapes to cut to cover the back of each calendar box so you'll have patterned paper lining the back if you choose to do that.  So from now on when I have a special little gift to give I can use these box templates again and again! Check it out here: Silhouette Limited Edition Advent Calendar. And if you use the code JENNI at checkout you'll get the calendar for $29.99, a $10.00 savings! The promotion runs from Nov. 1 to Nov. 11. Also head on over to the JBS Inspiration Blog to check out the supply list.
And Jenni's paper is so absolutely perfect for this! I mixed several lines (of the heavier weight) but my favorite to work with here is the Christmas 2011 stuff. You can see from some of the photos how the paper looks cute on the inside of the boxes as well! I also used lots of label stickers and number stickers as well as a few numbers cut from the bingo cards. All other numbers were cut with the Silhouette.
My two tips are this: First when you're gluing the end flaps together glue all three at the same time. That helps hold the position for a minute while the glue dries. My other tip is to learn how to ungroup the lids from the box bases like if you want to cut them out of different papers. Also sometimes with the largers drawers you'll need two sheets of 8.5 x 11 so you'll need to ungroup the two pieces. But it's very easy to do that.
Most the time I just put the paper in the machine and however the design came out that's what I worked with. But with the #8 box and the Santa box I first cut a piece out of plain paper to see where to position my JBS paper so I could get the design in just the right spot. I really wanted that Santa on the front. On the #10 box I just made the box then cut out Jenni's label from the Christmas paper and glued it on because it would have been very difficult to get that one positioned absolutely perfect otherwise.It's kind of surprising how sturdy these cardstock boxes end up being after you've folded and glued all the reinforcement flaps on the inside.
My son, who's almost 6, is so so excited about this. He's been going around the house gathering treasures to fill it already and I told him I was getting new surprises but he wants to help so much he asked if he could use his old stuff and I could get the new stuff so we could both work with it : ) For the really small boxes, like #5, I'm going to include a clue to find the surprise hidden somewhere in the house (the drawer was bigger but I wanted to use that cute box). I think this is going to be a really special tradition for us from now on and it's so much more special because I put a lot of love and thought into this project - there's NO way we won't do it now! Ha.
So thanks for reading through all of that. I just really love this and had lots to share! I hope you like it and decide to create one for you and your family!

PS. This is what it look like out of the box.