Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School JBS layout

Hey everyone. I wanted to share a double page layout I made usuing Jenni Bowlin Studio products for the Inspiration Blog. This is about a refresher course on letters with my son before kindergarten. My original desire for this page was the use the little boy silhouette and make letters floating around in his mind. I used my Silhouette and Jenni's rub on letters for that. I also used some of those same cuts in black on black all the way to the edges of the page. I used a Keri Bradford photo template and made it into a pocket for his writing. I used Jenni's little round letter stickers on top of the buttons to make them look kind of like brads. So lots of layers of JBS goodies! Check out the blog for more back to school ideas using JBS and I'll have an alphabet home decor project up over there soon. There's some really great older products on here like the ABC ledger cards which are still available in the Mercantile General Store. Thanks for stopping in today!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

JBS Mercantile September Sneaks!

Okay, I love this kit. There, I said it, you knew I would ; ) It's got something for everyone. If you're looking for bright, happy, possibly back to school colors, you got it. If you love vintage with navy and cream and a little gold, you got it. If you're looking for Halloween, you got it. All the newest stuff? You got it!

Friday, August 26, 2011

My travel mini album on the CK blog!

Hey ladies! I just found my project on the CK Blog from August 8th about CK Summer Camp Family Day. How awesome! So funny how I found it. I was surfing Pinterest and came across a mini album that looked cool. I clicked to the source, which was CK, and knew there was a possibility my mini might be profiled since that's what the discussion was about since my mini was just in their travel special issue. I followed a link from that album and found my own! Thanks to all those who left comments. If anyone finds me from that post and needs construction help, please drop me a line. That organizer was found at Office Depot but last time I checked they weren't there anymore. I found them on the online Office Depot though. After a while I'll show all the pages CK didn't print here on my blog. I can't believe I found that! I would have never known had it not been for Pinterest. Pinterest saves the day! There's two more pics over on their blog if you're interested.

Photo Credit: Creating Keepsakes Publishing

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zane's 1st day of Kindergarten & giveaway winner

Zane's first day at Kindergarten

Thankfully we did a pretty good job of getting the family back on a normal time schedule, Zane had enough sleep, and was only minimally hard to wake up. He complained about having to wear denim shorts instead of sports shorts. After asking two times he agreed to let me take some pictures. He was quietly excited about going to kindergarten that morning. I think he was thinking and wondering what it would be like. We told him about all the new friends he would make. Being a kid with no cousins or other kids his age in his life, he loves to be around other kids. This year he gets the choice of lunch room lunch or packing a lunch. They were having hotdogs and he was looking forward to that. I reminded him several times to be nice to everyone, do what the teacher asks, and all will go well. 

When we got to the school the parking lot was already crammed. People have to park along the curb, sometimes the line extends out into the road. Zane and Adam had to get out of the car and walk for it. Amazingly, I soon found a parking spot and Ava and I went in. It was nice because for the first 30 minutes or so all the kids and their parents stood around in the classroom so the teacher could talk to us. She seems to be an excellent teacher, what an answered prayer! She's got a great personality. At one point, Zane raised his hand while she was talking, and knowing he didn't need to go to the restroom, I kind of gave him a look like, not now. Later he said he was going to tell her his cat scratched him on his hand, ha ha. He wanted to sit next to the kid with the Transformers backpack. There were two girls from his pre-K class and he was happy to see them. They read a story which got some giggles out of him. Overall, he seemed quiet, like he was just trying to take it all in like all the other kids. He came over and barely gave us a hug when it was time to leave. I said bye but he was already busy checking out the toys.

We got there to pick him up and he looked worn out. He was tired! I talked to him a little in the hall and he said he had a good day but, "it's been a long day." I had a drink for him in the car and he said, "Thanks, Mom!" He told us they talked about colors. 

So the deal was he could get nunchuks, you know the little plastic kind - he's been into Ninja Turtles, if he did well at his first day of school. I wanted to treat him after a stressful, in a good way, kind of day. We went, didn't find the nunchuks, but got a space station (which is much better anyway). But while we were there, he dug rocks out of his pockets and handed one to Dad, me, and Ava. He had picked those up on the playground to bring one to us. He was thinking of us on the playground. It's not the first time he's done something like that but I sort of figured he had outgrown that. I am so glad he hasn't. My heart just melted over that. And he had one for Ava too.

Written the morning before school began:

Yesterday after we went to the open house at Zane’s school I was thinking about how only 5 short years ago, my son was born. Most moms look at their baby and think, someday he will leave for kindergarten, and for me, that day is here. I was standing there in the kitchen thinking about how even before Zane was born, for two years, we prayed for a baby. God gave us that baby two years later, five 1/2 years later now he’s heading for school. 
I thought about how quickly childhood passes and wondering if I was doing my job. It’s my job to make sure they have a fantastic childhood, one they will be happy to think back on all through adulthood. I was wondering if I should be more exciting, read more books, make sure and say yes more than no or we could try, instead of that won’t work. 
I was feeling sentimental about it all day and after Zane was asleep I went into his room and leaned down by his bed and stared at him sleeping for a long time. He’s so beautiful when he’s asleep. I wanted to hug him. I wanted to just scoot him over and lie down by him for a time while he was still and quiet. I kept thinking someday he won’t be little like this anymore. The time is going to fly by even faster now. 
The next morning the alarm went off. Ava walked into our room. Zane had crept in in the middle of the night and went to sleep on the pallet we keep on our bedroom floor for him. They both crawled into our bed. I thought about how someday they would be too big to want to do that, that I should cherish these moments. I looked over at them and the morning light was coming through the window so perfectly. I went for my camera like usual. Zane was already being wild and rambunctious. They were already wiggling and calling silly names. I snapped a few photos of Zane smiling with his mouth open, being rebellious like always. Then he started hiding under the sheet. But sweet Ava continued to stay put and smile for me. They are so different but she tries to be like him. 
I wish I could say we stayed there like that for a while. But the kids were getting loud and ready to get up and start the day’s antics. It was time to get up and get breakfast. It’s a shame those precious moments, when you realize the beauty of life in an instant, right in front of you, they just don’t last long enough and it’s back to reality. I wish I could slow those beautiful moments down. I tell myself, enjoy your family now, don't get stressed out, make the most of it. 

Last Night:

Last night I was desperate to cook something we hadn't had in a while. I decided on party food: sausage balls, little smokies, white cheese dip, and fruit salad. This made Zane crazy happy and kept talking about the party. Then he got the idea to try and lure me upstairs to scrapbook and I heard him whisper to dad they were going to make a party for me. So I went along. When they came to get me I came down and acted surprised. They had gotten out all the left over plates, hats, and napkins from Zane's b-day party and set it all out on the table. We wore alien hats. They had a yogurt stick on my plate. Later, Zane went into my closet and got a snake print pair of high heels out, cut pink wrapping paper, held it together with mini clothespins from the drawer, and brought it to me in the scrapbook room. I acted excited. He told me I could trick people with the shoes by just sticking the tips out from the bushes. Then I got house shoes with a green Christmas bow. I write about all this to remind myself how sweet he can be. He and I have been pretty close lately and that makes me so happy. He's been listening to me so much better. Maybe that's because he's growing up? I don't know but when he does stuff like that, my heart just almost bursts. 


Time to draw a winner for the JBS August Kit Giveaway!

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Sharyn S. said...

What a beautiful kit! I have so many favorite Jenni Bowlin products but I think my absolute favorites are the Bingo cards and her inks! Thanks for the opportunity :) -Sharyn

Monday, August 15, 2011

Giveaway! Giveaway! New JBS August kit!

Hey ladies! I'm doing my first ever giveaway to celebrate my first month of being a new designer at JBS Mercantile! Remember ----- this kit has the exclusive medallion stamp and floral stencil and it sold out in two days! You can see what the design team did with it HERE.  A brand spankin' new JBS kit, girls! Even if you're a subber you could give it as a gift! Just leave me a comment about your fave Jenni Bowlin Studio product, or your fave JBS kit, your fave JBS Ranger ink color, what new JBS product you're planning to get, what you are most excited to play with in this kit --- whatever! I will randomly choose a winner on Sunday. The giveaway is open to US residents (I will pay to ship to you) and internationals (if you don't mind paying for the shipping via paypal minus 8 dollars which is about what it would cost me to send to a US person). So please leave me a comment for a chance to win!

And check out the brand new Mercantile Gazette! It's the premier issue of our subscriber newsletter, available for everyone to enjoy this month. There are articles on multi photo layouts, journaling, a sketch, and techniques. I have a double page layout on the last page. It can be found HERE or via the Inspiration Blog. And there's a little coupon inside ; )

PS - If Blogger's acting up and you have trouble leaving a comment try choosing the anonymous option and then leave your name in the comment area. Sometimes that does the trick. If you're afraid you'll forget to check back you can leave your email addy in your comment so I can email you.

PSS - And if you really want to try to win and blogger just won't let you comment, just email me your comment and after the giveaway is closed I'll add your email number into the number generator in the order it came in my inbox before I do the drawing. 

***********Giveaway Closed***********

Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Thank You" card set for a friend

Today I have a thank you card set to share with you all. My friend, Greta, has a little daughter who has been in the hospital and she could really use some thank you cards (and prayers) to send to her friends and family who have been there for them during this difficult time. I'm not really a card maker but I tried my best. I'm pretty pleased with the way these turned out. I tried not to over-think it because, like I said, I'm not used to cards. I went with a red, yellow, white, and aqua color scheme. The card with the typewriter and the aqua beads were store bought but then I added a few embellishments to make them a little more special and to add the thank you sentiment. The yellow card is a silhouette die cut. The smaller thank you stamp is by Paper Trey Ink. Stickers by Basic Grey, Studio Calico, and October Afternoon. Thanks for checking it out.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What we've been up to late summer edition

We wanted to go on another little vacation this summer but with all the going back and forth to Carnegie it just didn't happen. We had a fun day where we went to the Oklahoma Science Museum. The kids loved that. Zane really liked playing with the water table thing where you control the current with plastic dams. He also liked the little firehouse and spinning down the pole. After that we went to eat and to watch the movie Smurfs which I didn't really care for even though that was my fave cartoon of all time. Too many close ups of Gargamel or that Patrick guy I maybe? : ) Wish I could have snapped a better pic of the kids in front of that yellow wall. You can see Ava trying to make herself smile.

Our hometown main street

The kids at my grandparents' house

 They always talk her into going to Dollar General to get a toy.

This summer we've been spending about two days at week at our hometown so my husband can help his dad at their family's business. That's about 1.5 hours away so to write about what we've been doing this summer and not include lots of car time wouldn't be right, ugh, as boring as it sounds ; ) The nice part about that is that my kids spend at least one of those days at their grandma's house (where they love to play with her Beagles) so I get a free day. Twice the kids didn't want to come home and they spent a few days at grandma's (both grandma and great-grandma) and Adam and I came back to the city a lived it up! We ate at Mahogany twice, went shopping, watched old movies all night. The other nice thing about going back to our hometown is that the kids' great-grandpa has an indoor swimming pool so we do that once a week.

Zane still goes to speech once a week. If he does well and cooperates at speech he gets a Happy Meal. Ava went to 3 dance classes over the summer. And he just looks so handsome in this photo. We were taking turns taking pics of each other.

Right now the kids love to dress up. Ava switches out her dance outfits and swimming suits all day. Recently she's been wearing Zane's Woody costume and her Strawberry shortcake costume. Zane wears his Batman pajamas, his Ninja Turtle costume, and now his "lucky hat."

It's been wicked hot and we're in a severe drought, record breaking for lack of rain and heat so we've spent a lot of time indoors. So there's been TV. Zane's been watching He-Man, Arthur, and Inspector Gadget.  Ava likes Angelina Ballerina.They've been playing outside in a kiddie pool late in the evening with the spray hose. They've been painting. She's been play doe-ing.

And just normal, everyday stuff here. Like super messy offices. But that's okay cause that means there's work to do. That's what we say anyway : ) One of my main jobs in the day is to keep the kids out of his office while he works.

So. The school supplies have been bought. Now my mission is to get the family back on a normal time schedule, which is dang near impossible. But I  must prevail so Zane won't be a monster at kindergarten. We found out a few weeks ago that his school is going to full day. I'm thankful for that - will be better for him.

And finally, you might like to check out the gallery update at JBS Mercantile. Doris updates the gallery on the 10th of every month. And all this  month is back to school month at the inspiration blog. I've got a layout and a project, a home decor idea, scheduled near the end of the month.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

JBS page with the Artisan add on

Hey all. I've got a page to share with you real quick today. This was inspired by a Shannon Tidwell layout where she used a really large, chunky garland on a page with tags. I wanted to try that out with Jenni's artisan add on because it has a pack of Fancy Pants tags and little coral/orange fair style tickets in it that are really cute. There are a few things from the project kit on here as well but mostly artisan. I just loaded it all on because I wanted to get this kit all used up and I just love looking at all that goodness together. I've never completely used up a kit but I think I will this time!

I painted the wooden letters with Jenni's malted milk paint then applied a second coat with black acrylic, let it dry, and sanded off some of the black. This is just the coolest color combo!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Today's the day for JBS August Reveal!


It's time for JBS August kits to go on sale! I made a whopping 6 singles and a double page layout with this kit plus a thing or two more that will be ready for the gallery update on the 10th - that's an amazing scrapbooking production rate for me! You'll see the double in the subscriber newsletter later this month. Once I got started I just couldn't stop. This kit . . the medallion stamp, the floral stencil, the colors: yellow, pink, red, aqua, black, cream, neutral - it's just lovely. The project kit is primary colors and mixes so well with the others, especially the Studio Calico alphabet paper. I love it that Jenni many times includes Core'dinations cardstock in the kit like this time - one side is soft light blue, the other side bright aqua - I like having that choice. Lots of variety in this one but it all goes! Over at my gallery at JBS I give descriptions of the pages I made here - details of how I did some things and my inspiration - stuff like that.

So head on over to JBS Mercantile and check out the kits!