Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JBS Mercantile August Sneaks & More!

This kit is a must have, ladies, really, I'm not just saying that either! So far I have six singles and a double page layout made with the kits! I got the main, artisan, and project kits. The exclusive medallion stamp makes my heart sing! Take a look at the JBS Inspiration Blog to see how the other team members have used it so far. Get it! Do it! : )  The August kit goes on sale midnight central on July 31st! So that's midnight, central time, on the last day of the month (I like to think of it that way) - so rolling into the first day of the new month is when you can buy it, well, kit subscribers get first dibs for the first day. So if you aren't a member - just be one! Do it! LOL, I 'm joking with yall today. 

 Also, if you have a lot of summer fun stuff to scrapbook you may want to check out the special issue, Scrapbooking Tips and Tricks: Summer Fun & Travel, from Creating Keepsakes, and well, I also mention it because I am happy to have two projects in there! I have our Hawaii 2010 mini album in there (and it's not just a "regular" mini in terms of construction) and a double page layout. I haven't seen this issue in Michael's or Hobby Lobby yet, although I haven't looked in the last two weeks, but it is available at Scrap and Paper Shop, for $6.99, which is CK's online magazine store. Here is a sneak peek from CK. It really is a great issue, just got mine in the mail. And here is a sneak peek from me:



And finally, this is a page that was featured in the Cricut Birthdays Idea Book, on sale here. This great book has been on the stands for a while so I am sharing my page here today. I know there is a notion that Cricut stuff is all cutesy but it can be much more. If you haven't looked at an issue of the magazine, next time you're at the craft or book store, just pick one up and give it a browse.

This was a special page for me because I remember that moment so vividly. It was her second birthday and it's like it finally dawned on her that all the excitement, family, cake, presents, happiness, was all for her. We were starting the birthday song and she had her little hands up to her chest, it's like she was thinking, "it's all for me," and her eyes were just almost watering and she was so happy. This layout is about the moment she realized it was all for her.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Layout, Shopping, & JBS Aug. Sneak

I've got a few little fun things today. First, here's a layout I made a few weeks ago. It has butterflies fluttering across the page. I know I am not the first one to think of that : ) I have seen many scrapbookers do that, three that come to mind specifically are Keisha Campbell, Jamie Warren, and my friend Rachel Anderson (lots of tiny butterflies - it was so cute!). And well, I suppose Hambly even has that transparency with the same look. Point being, I didn't make it up, but I think it's a common-ish look - so that's my disclaimer. What I do really like about this page is obviously the butterflies, the lovely Pebbles Inc. Floral Lane paper (love the texture), and that I did white on white butterflies on the top for texture and to bring interest up to the white expanse of cardstock. The butterflies and "I heart you" are Silhouette cuts.

Next up - a JBS August kit sneak! This little sneakie peekie shows some product from the project kit add on (button is from my stash). If you like gardening, growing fruits and veggies, farmer's market type stuff, then the project kit is for you.

Also if you would like to see pictures of the Jenni Bowlin Studio booth at CHA, my friend, Jill Sprott, directed us to see Shopping Diva's photos HERE.

This is the supremely awesome stash of vintage goodness my husband surprised me with in the mail today. I love love the little flower seed packet labels. And look at this cool, huge apples crate label. Thanks, sweetie pie ; )

This is a product you must have! This tape is by Cavallini & Co. This is for sale at Two Peas In A Bucket (image from Two Peas). It's 15.99 but it is SO WORTH it. Five rolls at 16 yards each, I think that comes to 20 cents a yard. It comes in a really cute metal tin, which you can see at Two Peas, that has a little molded bottom so all the rolls sit down in there well. Looks so cute displayed too.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Vacation . . .

So this is a layout I made about our Dallas road trip at the end of May. It's bright and fun and pretty self explanatory : ) I'm really enjoying that new Uniball Signo broad tip white pen. It's not really broad tip, I don't think, but it does write better than the regular one - very opaque - highly recommended if you haven't tried it. That quote is kinda cute and kinda true, I think. I can't remember any of their tantrums off the top of my head but I do remember what a good time we had. If I did want to remember their tantrums, which I don't, ha, ha,  I would just go back and read about it on my blog and refresh my memory. There's a bit of journaling on the back of the tags. Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 15, 2011

My CHA Must Have List

What I must have from the Summer CHA peeks 
 (all images are from each company's blog, except MME images from The Scrap Review. Click on company name for link to blogs)

  Doilies are available in red, cream, and black

And I'll probably add a few more to my list because I know I must have forgotten some good stuff!