Friday, April 29, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Scrapbook Room

Welcome to my scrapbook room tour. I still need to do a few things like make a slipcover for my chair and get some curtains - but this is it right now. It's in what I call the attic room, you may call it a bonus room, but it has strong eaves and wall storage was an issue with those low walls. My husband and I installed floating shelves along the long but short wall and that worked out really well. I keep all my kits in super big zip locks hung by skirts/pants hangers in the little closet, an idea I got from the CK board. Most all the furniture in my room came from Ikea except for the floating shelves which came from Lowe's. Lighting is also an issue in this room. There is only central light. So we put in those small lights for bookcases/artwork from Ikea on the walls to wash down onto the frames, desks, and a bookcase (on my one small regular height wall, that is not shown here because it is not tidy right now : ) I keep all my paper in there in vertical cropper hopper holders, each with a label: Christmas, Fall/Halloween, Specialty, polka dots, Jenni Bowlin, Newest Paper, Studio Calico, Glitter, etc. If I get some sunshine tomorrow I will add it. I also used two tier metal stands like you organize medicine bottles or something in your kitchen cabinets to display the punches and wood mounted stamps.

This three tier stand is from Pottery Barn. The large jar is from Target.

 This is my Thickers storage. I was so excited when I figured out they fit perfectly in this drawer in my Ikea cabinet.

Thanks for checking it out! Check back soon and I will show my smaller containers and how they are organized, like all my little vintage stuff and buttons, twine, etc. Just got to get a little sunshine!

Edited to add: okay, got some detailed storage pics added. See Scrapbook Room Part 2.

Edited to add: Seam Binding Storage

Project Life Storage
The back white divided container is from Target and unfortunately I was only ever able to find that at one Target in my city and surrounding suburbs. They are in the office organization area. The front container is a very basic tackle box/craft box type organizer you can find anywhere pretty much - but get the ones with removable/repositionable inserts. I used an insert in every available slot for the smaller tid bits. Note: the white container is very similar to the one pictured directly above, same story with Target and that one as well.

This is my new ribbon storage. I have it suspended from a black floating shelf on a curtain rod - a traverse rod and instead of mounting the base of the rod on the wall (which is how it's supposed to be) we mounted it under the shelf so there would be more room for the ribbon to hang straight and not be pushed up against the wall. I used the Ribbon Ring storage system for my ribbon and trim. I bought a combo of regular and jumbo plastic pieces. I like to see my ribbon all loose and dangling vs. on the roll so this worked out really well for me. The shelf and the rod both came from Lowe's. As you can probably tell the clips move left and right easily. And if you want to take a certain ring to your table to mix and match ribbons to your project all you have to do is unclip the silver ring. It's a good system!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Is Me At 5, Zane's page

I wish blogger had better photo quality. If you want to see these in better quality and larger, please click on "see my gallery" and it will take you to my 2 Peas gallery. Anyway, this is a page about a few of the things going on in my son's life right now. I have a lot more I need to put on another layout but since I wanted to use large pics I had to limit what I said on this particular one - just got to make another : )

But so I don't forget: Happy Meals and roast are his favorite foods, he still cries sometimes before bed just cause he wants to keep playing and gets mad when he has to go to bed.

The things I talk about on this page are how he is going to speech therapy for a frontal lisp which isn't too bad bust still, he has a hard time saying his S sound at the end of a word, like cookies - he wants to put  his tongue out in front of his teeth for the S sound at the end. He really like his speech therapist so we are going along good there. He's struggled a bit with his ABC's. He's just not into it. He wants to hurry onto other fun things. His dad has worked a ton with him lately and we think he's got about half of them down (upper and lowercase) and we still have all summer to get the rest down before kindergarten. He has learned how to play the old Sonic and Bonk games on our Wii. He really loves to do that. And my favorite item of the list is drawing. He is really pretty good for a 5 year old. He's better than I was and I was always considered good at that by the kids and teachers. He was sick for several days and I set up the ottomans with a tray, stickers, paper, crayons. He sat there and watched Chip and Dale or Duck Tales and would draw the scenes he was seeing - like he would draw some figures and they would be going down a road, then a curve, then a trap, then a gate, then a pit. He loves to draw. He brings us papers over and over and over and each time we have to listen to what is going on in the scene and act like they are a big deal - which they are and we are happy to oblige. He called the area I set up for him his "kid desk" and he wants to keep it there for all time. And it's still there : )

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ava!

My little sweetheart turned three toward the end of March. This was the morning of her birthday party. The theme was Strawberry Shortcake.

She looked so pretty. Doesn't she look like the sweetest little girl? She really is. Yeah, I coordinated her outfit with the party : ) All the way down to the adorable strawberry hair bow. I know I'm partial but I think she's just so pretty! Inside and out.
 We invited all the girls from her mother's day out class. Three girls were able to make it. I had all this outdoor stuff planned with bubbles, and sidewalk chalk, and the playhouse all cleaned with new play dishes, and silly string, and a duck pond game planned. But the weather did not permit that stuff. So, good thing I had a few back up games planned. We did pin the strawberry on the vine, toss a toy till the music stops game, and then the duck pond game in a plastic bin inside on the tile. And that was the perfect amount of stuff to do anyway for that age range.
 So look how cute this cake was! I've always made Zane's cakes but something about the time of year of Ava's b-day, I haven't made the last two. This one came from Homeland and it was only like 29.00 I think? A few days before my hubs had ordered my birthday cake and it cost about 2 times that, didn't taste as good, and wasn't as pretty (the thought that counts - not knocking that, I loved that he did that for me - I'm just making the point I am so impressed with my Homeland cake : ) Ava loves it when people sing the birthday song to her, even when it's not her birthday. So we were all singing to her and she was smiling and when we got to the part - happy birthday to YOU - she yelled, Avvvvvaaaa!

And this photo is before everyone got there and I was singing the birthday song to her to get her to smile for photos and after each song she would say, yeeeeaaaa! and clap.

Her special friend came. They play so well together. They were playing the duck pond game and out of the blue, with everyone around, Ava stopped playing and looked at her and said, "I love you, M."
 Her brother also came since he's in Zane's class and their good friends too.
We opened the gifts from the girls while they were there and saved the family gifts for later but by then Ava was wiped out and didn't even want to open them. I even saved a few for later when I thought she would be more excited (Tutu, new polka dot lunch box and backpack, and hair bows (she really liked the hair bows)). See how zoned out she looks. Her favorite gift was the little plastic hot pink dress up shoes from one of the girls - no surprise - she looooves to walk around in little plastic heels. Or her tap dance shoes.

The cutest thing I made for the party was three fabric banners. I was so proud of myself. I cut and sew all the time on paper (obviously) but not usually with fabric. I was feelin' confident in my rotary skillz though since I cut out all the squares for Ava's quilt. So anyway, I went to the fabric store and just started grabbing random fat quarters of light pink, red, strawberries, lime green, soft green, you get the idea. I made a pattern of a banner out of paper and cut it all out with the rotary cutter. I had some wide polka dot grosgrain ribbon and laid the banners out in the pattern I liked then fabric glued them to the bottom half of the ribbon width. After the glue dried I took it up to my sewing machine and folded the other half of the ribbon down and sewed the ribbon closed. leaving long tails to tie to stuff. I was so happy with it. My MIL thought I bought it : ) Now I'm going to use them to decorate her room. I also cut and glittered some strawberries with my Cricut and arranged them on a pink Christmas wreath. I got a ton of stuff at Dollar Tree like these little straw bags with ribbon handles for party favors.
 Since our family was there we hung out all afternoon and then went out to eat together. It was a very nice day. But I am glad the pressure is off me now! I don't have to put on another shin dig until November!

Just one more . . . the kids with our fur beast.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Girl - Vintage Wallpaper Layout

I wanted to use some vintage wallpaper I have and I wanted to use it with my polaroid stamp from Studio Calico. My Hambly stack just happened to be sitting nearby and since they are one of my very favorite paper manufacturers I thought it would look great together. I guess this would have worked for Sasha's messy desk challenge except mine would be classified as messy floor challenge. When my desk gets trashed I just move to the floor to work.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

One Page & Two Piggies

This is what happened today:

I got this page completed. I had this one setting around from before my JBS gig. I am always so inspired by what Geralyn Sy does with circles so I had to give it a go. Cut with Cricut.

The kids were complaining about being bored. I turned on the bubble machine. We let them mess around a little with the sprinkler. They had popsicles outside. While their dad and I were inside making smoothies (we have a picture window in our kitchen) Adam said, "Look what they've done!" And this is what they had done:

Two little piggies in a mud puddle. They were taking turns rubbing it in each other's hair and on their backs.

Happy Sunday : )

Friday, April 1, 2011

My JBS April Guest Designs!

My pages are up on the April gallery at JBS Mercantile! You can see the kit contents and add ons here. And here's my guest bio and pics - a good one of my scrap space over there. I'm still elated!

And this one I didn't get done until last night:

This kit is truly beyond fabulous. And the project kit with the tissue paper - you have to get the tissue paper. I had so much fun using that. The designers all did a beautiful job as always. Just looking at the overall gallery is so pleasing on one's eyeballs : )

I also need to add for my own memory's sake: Whenever Ava looks at the page with the mist work she says, "Ava was freezin'. She has socks on. She has no shoes on. She sat like this (and crosses her arms like she's cold).