Sunday, October 31, 2010


 We're back after 10 glorious days of Hawaii. We went to celebrate our 10th anniversary so it was just Adam and I. As you can imagine, it went very quickly. I kept wondering if it would live up to my high expectations that had been set from all the people I have talked to about their experiences - I kept wondering if it would really and truly seem like paradise. And the answer is . .  mostly yes, a little no ; ) When we first got to Maui I was a little concerned as we were driving from the airport to the hotel. You know, strip malls and stuff. But as we got closer to Wailea it was looking beautiful. We stayed at the Four Seasons in Maui and I remember when we walked in I was mesmerized, really. That is the prettiest hotel I have ever seen. It was quite windy that day and the hotel is open from the front to the back so we could see all the way to the ocean when we walked in. It was so grand and relaxed at the same time. I remember the wind and the sweet smell of flowers gently billowing through the foyer. There were all these white cabanas, hales they call them, that contrasted so beautifully against the royal blue of the ocean. And then the view from our balcony!

We spent the first few days in Maui. We went to a luau. They roasted a pig in the ground. I didn't think I was going to be able to look but I did and there wasn't a head involved so I was okay. But they had demonstrations and crafts before and that was fun. And the luau was great. The dancing and music were very nice and then they had this guy dancing with baton things lit with fire, a fire knife dancer they say. I was setting there watching with my mouth open I think.

Then we went snuba diving. That's like a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. We were able to go down about 10 to 12 feet with a line attached to an oxygen raft above. I couldn't go down more than 8 feet probably without it hurting my ears. Okay, yeah, I did the shaka sign thingie wrong in the photo, Adam gets a big laugh out of that. And I thought it was funny when I caught him practicing his breathing on the boat. This was freaky at first, learning to breathe in the water, making sure and do the pressure thing with your ears, remembering to breathe when freaked out. We went to Molokini Crater. We saw a few fish and some turtles at Turtle Town. One swam right by us and Adam went swimming after it as fast as he could, so close he could touch him and at first I thought he just might hitch a ride but he didn't - not supposed to touch them or the reef. I got a serious headache from wearing my mask too tight and biting the mouth piece to hard. On the way back we were escorted by a nice pack or school or whatever of dolphins. They swam right up next to our boat and I asked why, weren't they afraid of the boat and they said no, they liked to do that cause there was a spot in the front that sort of propelled them forward a bit and they seemed to enjoy that. It was a very cool experience.

We ate so well Maui. The first night we ate at Ferraro's. Adam had sea bass and I had lobster linguine and they were both outta this world. Another night we drove to Mama's Fish House. 5 stars there too. I think I gained 4 pounds on this trip.

The last day we went shopping at The Shops at Wailea and I got a gold key necklace from Tiffany's for our 10th anniversary.We discovered Lappert's. I discovered a serious liking of passion fruit, mango, and raspberry sorbet. This obsession continued throughout our trip. Like every night for room service.

So our next adventure in island hopping took us to Kaui. We stayed at the St. Regis of Princeville on the north shore.

We went horseback riding one day. This was so funny, especially if you know Adam in real life. When we first got there I was like, oh yeah, we know how to do this, we're from Oklahoma. And then Adam went and made a liar out of me. He could not control his horse. The guides kept saying, "Adam, stop your horse, Adam wait on us, Adam, hold the reins like this, do this" etc. He was the worst one our of our entire group! He kept saying his horse was ornery but I knew it was driver error. Our guide switched him but he had almost as much trouble with the next horse. I just kept shaking my head. I had no trouble at all.

We rode to a trail and hiked down into a waterfall. We got to eat lunch there and take a quick swim and walk under the waterfall. It was so cold! But so beautiful. Then we hiked back up and got to climb a little rock wall. That was so fun and easy going and peaceful and once again, beautiful views of the rolling hills and volcano mountain stuff. We went to Annini Beach later but it was too windy to get in. One night we ate at Kaui Grill and Adam said it was his favorite meal of the trip.

On our last day we went to Secret Beach with a picnic lunch. It's supposed to be a fairly secluded beach. We had to park and take a little hike to get there. This was the kind of beach I always imagined when I thought of a tropical beach. The shore was very deep. But the waves were way too large to swim. There were a few other people there but no one dared to go more than 2 feet. These were like surfing waves but it was pretty rocky on toward the end so I don't think anyone would try it. All along the back of the shore was a large cliff. It was so nice to just find a secluded place since there were a lot of little inlets and just sit and listen to those huge waves crash. It got cloudy later and there was a mist from all the crashing waves. Once I was sitting on the shore where the waves came to and it just about washed me away! I could just feel the sand eroding right out from under me. It seemed like the water came in about 20 yards or so when the tide hit the shore. It was like the scene on that old movie, From Here to Eternity - you know that famous black and white scene where the couple is lying on the beach and the tide comes it and washes up on them.

So that's it for now. I'm going to post another day about the second part of the trip.