Saturday, June 19, 2010

Get Framed . . . Again

So I had been talking about Denise's "Get Framed" BASB challenge. This is the second page I made from that challenge. This was made using the Studio Calico Joyland kit except for the Tim Holtz film strip ribbon. The detail shows the journaling inside the rays.

This was cute. We were outside playing around and I had the camera, as usual. Zane said to me, "take my picture," and proceeded to make up his own poses. Where did that come from? This is the kid who refuses to look straight at the camera. Then he would say, "let me see," and we did this many times. He gets a big kick out of seeing himself on the camera screen. He did this arm bend thing he does, which I find a little strange - he does this when he's mad, stood by the dog with his hands on his hips, and sat in his blue chair - crossed legs, hand on chin, staring off. I saw him looking down at his arm and hand trying to arrange it just so. You just never know what to expect from this kid.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Be Bold Challenge

Studio Calico is hosting the challenge, "Be Bold" on their blog. So this is what I made. I've been doing a lot of challenges lately and it's so good for pushing yourself and being surprised at what you come up with that you would not normally create without that promt. So I'm pretty happy with this page.

Not much else going on. Sorry Denise. : ) Oh wait, I did get a new scrappy organization thing in the mail today from Target. And some etsy goodness.

6 drawer organizer

Oragami Envelopes from InstantJoy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sass Page & Cool Hipstas

My goal when I made this page was to use more color since I prefer to use white as a background, use my border punches that I had practically forgot (not really) since they were stored out of sight (now proudly living on my floating shelves), and use the new i-top brad maker cause it's just a great tool I had not learned how to use yet. I think I met my goals. Someone went a little border punch nuts but I do like the result. The cool bumpy/pulled effect on the thread on the hill was an accident but a lovely accident indeed. This was made completely with the June Studio Calico Partly Sunny kit. That was another goal - to use only kit contents on a page and not waste time digging around in my stash - and why would I need to do that since the Studio Calico kits are already perfection? ; )

This is about Ava pretending to get an attitude with me. She learned this expression and pose from her brother. Nice. She's got a little smile peeking out from that frown. I need to journal that somewhere on this page but I'm not sure where right now and I don't want it to hold me up any longer.

And this is just a little hipstamatic love. My kids go insane when we turn on the sprinkler system in the backyard and let them run wild. We can sit out there for an hour just watching them. And don't the clouds look so cool? Also snow cone stand visit, attending a wedding (outdoor in June in Oklahoma - know what that means? It was dang hot), Adam working from home, art wall of my scrapbook room.

We had a serious flood here today. It rained all night and all morning. I could not even get to Michael's if I wanted to. This is greatly disturbing. Kidding. 

Ohhh, Denise, are you reading this? Did you notice the new column/gadget to the right?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunshine - Fabric Flowers

Waleska makes nice challenges too : ) Her challenge was to use the fabric swatches from Studio Calico's Partly Sunny June kit - well, they were offered in the shop in addition to the kit. I've been dying to make these fabric flowers I've seen many places, especially from Dear Lizzy for American Crafts. And Maya Road. Anyway, they were so easy and fun to make. Start by punching a circle from cardstock, take your fabric stips and glue them together from side to side so that the non finished part of the faric is hidden, glue one end onto the punched circle, and start twisting and and glue down as you go along. With the thinner fabric you have to use a delicate hand and not twist too tightly. Since these K & Co. swatches were't long I had to cut the swatch into strips and glue them end to end before starting. I cut my swatches into three lenghts for most of these. I used Eileen's fabric glue and it worked like a charm.

This page has earned a high spot in my favorites. I love the colors, the texture, the hipstamatic photos, the whimsical feel, the misting, the sewing, the washi tape. And this was made in two days - or I should say two scrappy sessions. I know I keep talking about that but that makes me feel pretty good. I used to take forever.

And I have been playing and playing with the hipstamatic like crazy. Sometimes I use the hipsta and then go over those results with the "camera bag" option on my iphone as well. So many combinations this way.

Well, that's about it for today. My house is a wreck from neglect with all this paper lusting I've been doing. If you're reading this far, bless your heart ; )

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Somebody got hipstamatic!

I am a late technology adopter, I know (I just started this blog in the last month after all), but I just got hipstamatic yesterday and I can't stop playing with it. It's amazing how it makes ordinary photos seem cool. I remember Lisa Truesdell posting photos of her boys on her blog and they looked so cool and I remembered her saying it was hipstamatic. I of course have an iphone obviously but I'm not really into phones. Half the time the battery is dead. Then after Denise and Judi were talking about it, I had to jump onto the bandwagon. So glad I did.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

BASB Get Framed Challenge

Denise really came up with a winner of a challenge this time. It was to use a frame or design something with a frame around it, whatever your interpretation of a frame is basically. I loved this challenge and ended up making three pages from it. And two of them were each made in one day. That's pretty major for me : ) Thanks Denise. I knew I loved you - reason 233 - you make awesome challenges. I told her I was going to put a dedication photo of her on my blog so this just might push me to get that done too.

This page is about Adam for Father's Day. I noticed I have a few pages on my "job" and me as a mom but nothing about his job or hobbies so I had to remedy that and the Joyland kit from Studio Calico seemed perfect. The woodgrain paper was from another Studio Calico kit and I made sure he knew how special he was to get that coveted paper. So the subject is about him starting a mineral business (natural gas) as a mineral broker. He had no experience in this and was just fascinated by how it all worked and jumped right it and he loves it. The only thing is - he's always on the phone! Or sending a text. But really I don't mind, I just like to give him a hard time.